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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2015 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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heart i'm in favor of commissioner andrews to serve as vice chair i've gone through several times and looked at the video of the hearing that was held on my matter referred by the sunset ordinance task force and the only two people that asked questions were commissioner keane and commissioner andrews i said is there any way of using the audio video equipment without extend $42,000 and the city librarian lied to him is no other way all they had to do was take the slides i know they got them and included the private individuals like the friends the san francisco public library it tomatoes not commissioner andrews fault that i guess he
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did what most people do listened to the department heads and assumed he wouldn't lie especially on not television i say that without fear of contradiction it was proven commissioner andrews has shown a on several occasions to ask questions that really need to be asked i would have been controvertible with commissioner keane because he's a great advocate for from the expression and first amendment rights i've yet to see that take real effect but again commissioner andrews i think will serve as vice chair very effectively and i at least have some hope that he will take into account that the issues of the public
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i will point out that very often members of the public who get involved in city council like the sunset posse have given up on they don't come here because they know you're not going to respond and you're not required to respond to my public commissioner lee's comment your your stimulated to contempt i'll ietsz telling that i say one thing that make you look bad and no one says anything in response maybe the vice chair will get something more than commissioner hur gets ridiculous looks at. >> is there a motion to elect commissioner andrews as the vice chair. >> so moved.
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>> all in favor, say i. i. >> hearing no one that motion passes congratulations. >> the next item a discussion and possible action on the minutes. >> commissioner. we found one last minute tip on and on 0 on page 6 under the top of the page the first paragraph the third to the last line read he stated that chapter two 8 is not limited it should be linked. >> any other changes
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public comment that is is there a motion to do you want the minutes. >> second. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. hearing none that motion passes. >> next on the agenda is at the director's report. >> just one on the language assess ordinance we processed the paperwork to translate the documents translator as soon as the paperwork is forehand or favored they'll send the documents to the translator so we'll have documents in this year. >> can i ask in terms of the percentage of documents that we are talking about what percentage that might be that will get done this year.
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>> at least half. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> and when i have those exact numbers of the money we have and by next month i'll have the number of documents but we step up to the plate to have one hundred percent done from the calendar year from now if not sooner. >> thank you. >> any questions for mr. sincroy in the director's report. >> thanks under chair mr. sincroy under the enforcement summaries the stipulation that chris jackson entered into will take care of numbers two and three. >> those are an additional. >> only an additional. >> a she means to of violations 235i or fines for filings.
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>> and number 2 from 2011. >> i believe that's the one from court agreement on. >> okay. >> i had a comment about this document and i know i can't but i want to make sure when we are doing this work particularly in the timeline on all the documents that could. to the commission particularly open any of the complaint that are outstanding and pending in any such documents that find themselves at the commission. >> right. >> sorry by away of theirs we're timely handling those. >> that's correct. >> that's written.
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>> so just under the lobbyist pro-program in your report it says as of march 15, 19th street 26 are registered on the audit not near one hundred and 26. >> that was from last year i'm sorry could you - so in terms of the chu's who we choose to audit we chose by firm as opposed to by individual lobbyists because the reason that was chosen really our mandate to do one lobbyist we thought 4 would be more appropriate we thought when the lobbyist report if there are other lobbyists sometimes the reporting overlaps one lobbyist
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may not report any income they can have if there's 3 lobbyists one can report all the firms income so we didn't liquor want to choose somebody and it turns out they have no protect but another person recorded the income to in terms of lobbyists we choose by firm if there are 3 lobbyists we'll actually audit all 3 of the lobbyists and if there's a firm where it is just one person putting out their tare shingle. >> any other questions for the executive order public comment? >> commissioners ray heart for san francisco open government the report you're talking about is on the screen
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and down there at the very bottom it says sunset ordinance the interesting thing about the executive report there is nothing there but a number never an explanation what is glen eagle being done or not just nothing so i got up here i thought maybe the general public should know the rocket for enforcing the century ordinance rests with the body i had second thoughts i thought good they do recognize that for a second years literally years has begun by i'm not the only one with ordered not reinforced and can't get you to do a darn thing about them and by doing so whether you want to admit it you protect the
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officials that are committing of all the evidence the city librarian was accepting thousands of dollars i brought that to the commission so did other members of the public we had to personally go to sacramento to get them to do anything and yet to get an explanation from the city librarian why we filed a statement under the penalty of perjury and allowed and said he got nothing and why he withheld records to how wide that fact and to protect the library commission to protect it arrangement $70 million and they don't know where the hell that went and you sit there and look which is what you do you sit and look and don't say anything i my case a whole bunch of statements and at any time one can stand up
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and show i'm wrong only problem they can't because i'm not and they think hey if i sit quote and say nothing long enough it will go away but it's not i missed being i was in florida and i will be here until you get off our asss whether will anyone ever you tell me the law didn't say you're supposed to enforce the ordinance no because you can't that's what the law say the question is why aren't you enforcing that. >> next item on the agenda is item for future meetings. >> any proposals from the
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commissioners? public comment? >> ray heart san francisco open government when ask one of you going to step up to defend the rights of citizens of the san francisco to go to a public meeting await being harassed or beacknowledged or disparaged by the boards we have the right to respond bow not the right to shut people up i went to a library commission and she said you can't talk about that you can only tube what we put on the agenda in terms of if it's not on the agenda you can't talk about that the task force ruled against the police officer commission tried to tell me i was not loutd allowed to talk
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about whatnot on the agenda he told me to shut up it's amazing in a city like san francisco think that you have the right to speak until i start to put your fist into someone's rice bowl we called it in hawaii and the city librarian is supposed to be putting down finances on his form one of you say going to say oh, my god that's terrible that is even worse that the private citizens had to go to sacramento why? because you're here to protect the people that appoint you i have news as far as i am concerned the middle eastern minute you took the oath of office you work with or for the citizens of san francisco and
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represent their interests and their interests alone and allowing an app officials a strident head to accept thousands of dollars from a group and do nothing about it your told point blank by the members of the public it is urban consciously like supervisor farrell when we went with them approving the annual appropriation we raised the same issues i alexander acted like there was nothing wrong with that and used emphasis office to withhold public records he voted that the the full board of supervisors approve the appropriation without having him or hi staff look at a single document they not limited to that and came forward and said he didn't give mr. heart anything because we didn't have
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anything they recommended to the full board of supervisors they approve the proimgdz without looking at the appropriation what it was unbelievable but i sit there with blank looks at in our icy wonder about you guys. >> is there a motion to adjourn the meeting. >> second. >> in favor. >> i. >> meeting is adjourned
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nology for our first responders. there is a management that will better serve san francisco. public safety personnel better equip and the cutting edge of public safety is [inaudible] >> helly over wn and thank you for being here on this very special occasion. today we mark a new beginning for public safety and earthquake preparedness our r in our great city of san francisco. each of us here will stand witness to had beginning of a new great civic jewel. we in front of the years of planning and coordination that brought this magnificent facility to life, equip with modern tools and prepared to serve. from the architect and? gen earring design devtop tooz the first shoves in the ground and to the installation of the solar panels and art work, this massive project stands here ready to serve the peep olof san francisco beginning this
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weekend and serving for decades to come. this building is a step forward in technology for our first responders. there is a change management transitioning happening here that will better serve the resident of san francisco. public safety person elare better equipped and the cutting edge puplic safety is with the kait of the art facility. less paper, less cabinetess, more electronics, more security and communication. this is a major step forward prime uving on first response and onse we are fortunate to have the support of the voters by approvaling bonds measures that fundsing the project and fortunate to live and work here reaping the benefit of this new post-. it is a honor to be here in front of you and recognize the opening of the new police department head quarter squz public safety campus. this morning we will hear from fire
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and police departments and we'll acknowledge all the hard work that went into the delivering this project and what it means to the city public safety personal el. i would like to thank you all for coming and point out a few of the special guests we have here with us. former mayor willy brown is here. former mayor frank jordan is here. former police chief an tonio revirs is here. quite a number of supervisors, i see [inaudible] i christensen. [inaudible] cohen is here. so the s the president of the board of supervisors london breed is here. [inaudible] is here.
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that is the real boss. from the police commission, we have victor wong, thomas mu zokeo and sonia malara here. from the arts commission, jd [inaudible] are here. from fire [inaudible] steve nucaujo and markal hardman are all here. i see quite a number of department heads, ed riscon, debbie raffial is here, our da [inaudible] recognize him from a police chief. and then many many people it to thank you and and as i go through the event i will thank if i have for gotten you or didn't call your name to
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be recognized. our partners from hok paul woodferred, the architects. and working with him [inaudible] carba narrow and associates. and of course our builders, [inaudible] builders 2 very important people, frank murray who is superintend thochbt project and [inaudible] sfaubl for working with all the engineers and architects and making sure we are here today. [inaudible] builders. not to forget all the neighbors from mu drone and [inaudible] housing complex who are neighbors of the project. a big hand for them too, please. we are grateful for your atejd ance to maurk the moment in the cities history. firs up it is a pleasure to
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introduce someone who is the champion leadership in making sure our first responders have the tools to serve the city. when it comes to working to identify needs i garner the support for plan for capital improvements, mayor lee gets it done. pub luckwer works has the responsibility of design and construction for 24 projdwreckt jecktd. mayor lee helped shape the capital plan and knows first hand how complex and challenging it can be to deliver the projects. we thank you for your support and please welcome honorable mayor lee to say a few words. >> thaupg [inaudible] this
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was managed by public works. he and charles [inaudible] and all the engineers and project managers kept the promise for all of us. let me begin by saying i just did a tour, to a wond rbful place, a complicated project. i'm here briefly this morning because i'm here to replace [inaudible] as i was told. anyway, to our former chiefs, to our former mayors, to our protocol office, by the way you can't get into this building unless tom [inaudible] says yes. our art director and director of emergency management is here rightly so. the office of civic investment is infruc sureture is here. we are all here and welcome
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everyone to mission day san francisco. . this was a very carefully chosen site for the very reason we had to assemble a number of different functions on the site. a complicated project from the start. fire station, arson station, police station, police headquarters. a very historically refurbished community room for all the residence to cherish. supervisor kim played a great part and want to thank her office for being here joining all our supervisors and president breed, we all worked together to make sure when we promised the entire public of san francisco that we would begin by making sure our first respondsers were out of unsafe buildings and in, i remember
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when chief gasstone was in on the design of the building and may great contribution to this. now he is in another building challenging us to do something else and that is good because we'll get it done. we have to. we have to, dont we? yeah. just because it is inch a different world doesn't make the story go away. when you look at all o of the effort put into this and of course very serious financial couldn't pugzs and contribution and particularly the approval of the voters they said yes and make sure our first responders are there for us. i begin with a they think for the men and women in the police department, fire department, in the commissions and on the city and county of san francisco to say
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thank you thank you thank you for what you do every day for the city and as we hear the statistics about the next 25 years the big one may be coming, we have what the voters asked us to do is say let's get the first responders in so they can can help save us and this is what we have done in the complex build{division for first respond aers for the sit a. it is a tribute to the role in the city that we do this today. i want to congrtulation the police and fire commission and department of emergency management for pets this together and having dpw play a great role managing the role of [inaudible] i want to give a special thank tooz willy brown because his vision way back then on a old railroad site
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called mission bay and said we can do something with that. i said you are taking away my dribeing arrange and he said yes, but i'll give you the pgatour in exchange. so i accepted that. that vision carried out then by gaven nuse nl with stem cell research and now with my administration and all the people that work for us, today is great celebration of thatd vision now put into the implementation getting it done for the public. all of you got to see this incredible building and i begin by saying thank you to the arts commission. tom, and the artist and commission, i want to say thank you because you wrauck in and are immediately presented with a incredible honor of the spiral dedication
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and then the wall. before you get there you have the first responders applausee aand plaza and i know chief [inaudible] is proud of a big bell. she is hanging that bell over [inaudible] as much as she can, but we are all together here and we are all saying this is of course a place everyone will really feel good about working and it is what i know it to be that it is a safe building, it is is one that is equip with the finest epiidated equipment. whenia see the fire station here that has the latest not just doors but the type of change out rooms president breed that when you are on the fire commission you demanded it have because we know and have learned with our fire unions leadship and the
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fireman you have geet all this poisonous stuff off their clothes and have the moden station represent that. hopefully that is the standsered for every fire station in the city going forward chblt for the chief of police i know he is honored because he gets to see the water and great ball park while he responds and e-mails me back. but i know he is personally honored with this because i think he understand too that thish is a a tribute not to just him and the haufs but the entire police force that by the way we will get the full force in the next couple years, so you won't be denied that full force. we also did not demolish this building. a
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lot of people said why is that in the way? today? t isn't in the way, it is comp lmentary to the history of this city. thank tooz ocii and the fire department, this used to be station 30 and we kept it as part of history and kept and refleshed it for community based use. i know this is going tobe a extremely important part of it because the community wants to be engaged with our police and fire department. every neighborhood wants to be engaged with the police and fire department. not that we work in isolated roles. it is the purpose of the city to engage all the residence in the best way quee and when we have great designers like our designers here, great contractors like [inaudible] working with cap narrow and his folks, we dephrineed appropriate ly everything we need to get done here so we can
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reassure when we place the bonds before the public, not only do they get what they wanted, but the high quality it derv d serves. this continues as mohammed said a promise we made to the public. by the way, do you know this is all done without raising property taxes in san francisco and that is a great tribute to the 10 year capital plan that naomi continues and all the administrators continue to do. it is part of the easter bond and earthquake seft and maerns response bunds, but thauls capital plan. we do this professionally and get it done on time so we can show case public money investment so it is a better place to work and public to engage in and more services are done for this brand new arena of mission bay, but the entire city as